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Biography: Mark P. Steinberg

He’s been called “the most refreshing and motivating corporate speaker on the scene today.” And whether he is presenting speeches at conventions in Las Vegas, lecturing to managers at AT&T, or offering seminars to Bristol-Myers Squibb around the United States, Mark Steinberg is enchanting and enlightening business audiences with his marvelous mix of training and entertainment.

Specializing in “applied psychology,” Mark uses psychological principles and theories to solve specific, practical, real-world problems that challenge individuals and corporations alike. “It is the ultimate meaningful use of psychology,” Mark told WCBS-radio, “We take psychology from the laboratory and the university and bring it into the real world – making a genuine difference in the lives of people and organizations.”

Mark has lectured to tens of thousands of people around the United States and the world, in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-size companies, and from the private sector to the public sector. He has discussed corporate training on radio and television, and has had articles published regarding inspirational ways of handling stress, and extraordinary approaches to creativity and innovation.

Born in, raised in, and still living in New York City, Mark’s down-to-earth, exceedingly practical, sociable, welcoming style creates a perfect ambiance for the delivery of his valuable messages. One vice-president of organizational development said of Mark, “He makes you feel so good, so quickly; and then while everyone is smiling and feeling great, he smuggles in the crucial learnings that the audience doesn’t even realize it needs or is receiving. It is really remarkable to experience.”

An honors graduate from New York University, Mark received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – with Dean’s List honors, and he holds 2 Master’s Degrees, one in Counseling Psychology and a second in Business Administration. After 15 years of teaching in The City University of New York, Mark began his corporate speaking business and has been presenting seminars and speeches around the globe ever since.

In 2017, Mark created his newest subsidiary: The Steinberg Hyper-Analytic Group, which exposes and resolves issues that negatively impact customer impressions of retail businesses. It has proven to be a vital, profit-enhancing service in the ever-more-competitive retail landscape.

Likening him to a recipe for a meal, a Fortune 100 company vice-president of human resources said of Mark, “Take 5 parts subject matter expertise, 5 parts personality, mix in 3 parts great story-telling ability, 1 part New York City sensibilities, sprinkle in secret spices, and you get Mark Steinberg. You really have to see him to understand, and believe me, he’s worth seeing.”